Druck Berlin 2015

Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_6 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_10 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_11 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_12 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_13 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_14 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_15 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_16 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_17 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_18 Flatto81_DruckBerlin2015_19

Flatto81 joined the Screen Printing Festival in Berlin last weekend.
We did a workshop to explore the combination and layering of colors using one of the basic printing techniques, with inks made from natural / eco materials.
We had a wonderful time, getting to know and being inspired by many people.

Thanks for visiting us!





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