‘Summer Fun Craft Extravaganza’ Family Workshop







Family Workshop : Building Summer Structures

Along with Simone from Jacaranda Tree Montessori , Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas and Hiyoko Imai, we joined the ‘Summer Fun Craft Extravaganza’ Family workshop in Amsterdam.

Flatto81 prepared 2 types of modular cards to build the Summer Structures.
The first type are cards colored with handmade inks made from edible materials.
The second type are blank cards where you can draw  something original with crayons. These were more flexible and you can make organic forms as seen above on the photo.

We had some nice children’s books as an inspiration source for the summer creatures. For those who want to know the titles, we had these 3 books on the table.
‘Swimmy’ by Leo Lionni / ‘Kudamono (Fruits)’ by Kazuko Hirayama / ‘Klein Wit Visje’ by Guido van Genechten

It was very nice to see not only mothers but also the fathers actively engaged in building structures from the modular cards. What they built were also quite amazing!
We would love to do this workshop again.

Thank you to all the international families who joined the event. We hope you are enjoying the colorful modular cards at home too.

Collaborator // Thanks to…
Simone Davies/ Jacaranda Tree Montessori Amsterdam
Kyoko Inatome / Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas
Hiyoko Imai
Chika & Emi & Soonhwa / Flatto81

Images by Simone and Emi


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